JF Seda de Portugal is a Company founded to restore silk production in Portugal. The goal is to revive the cultivation of silk throughout the country, centered in the "Minho" and "Trás os Montes" (northern Portugal), where Portugal was once the largest silk Producer of the iberian Peninsula.

In addition to silk farming and sustainable tourism, the traditional Portuguese textile sector will be able to strengthen itself through targeted marketing. New opportunities withe the brand "Made in Portugal" and position in high-end-Segment in the ecological and socially friendly textiles are beeing created.

We create new sources of income an agriculture and tourism with the result that we create new jobs.

Our goal is to fulfill the entire silkproduction chain: mulberry leaf production, silkworm breeding, cocoon production and raw silk processing for the textil Industry.

From the year of 2021, the final structure will be created in wich the silk is produced. This installation needs to be centralized to facilitate the transport of the cocoons from all regions.

We are currently in contact with several communities in northern Portugal to explore the possibilities of cooperation.

João Ferreira & Caroline Burger