The Project

The Project idea shortly 
  • The production of silk in Portugal should be revived
  • The aim is to creat (ancillary) income in agriculture and to strengthen the textile Industry in Portugal
  • Decentralized production of fodder plants and silkworms in agriculture
  • Central processing of silk to raw silk in Portugal
  • Further processing in Portugal (Spinning, dyeing, weaving, printing)
  • Marketing with a top brand or well-known Fashion Designers. Positioning in the high-end-Segment, ecologically and socially harmless
  • Start-up Financing by private Investors and public sector bodies
  • Farmers receive an additional and sustainable source of income
  • The rediscovered product gives the Portuguese textile Industry a profiling opportunity
  • By reviving an old Tradition, the attractiveness of the landscape is positively influenced, indirectly promoting tourism
   The Project was started by private initiative of João Ferreira and Caroline Burger